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Sour Rankings: Jeff Garcia's comeback, Brett Favre's fantasy team and more

Aaron Rodgers (right) is the starting QB on Brett Favre's fantasy team. (Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Aaron Rodgers (right) is the starting QB on Brett Favre's fantasy team.

You’ve seen (and likely disagreed with) the Week 7 Power Rankings. Now the Sour Rankings take a spin through the worst of the past week in the NFL …

10. Pat McAfee's "random" drug test: McAfee, the Colts' punter, delivered a seismic hit on Denver return man Trindon Holliday during Sunday night's game.

Monday, McAfee shared that he had been "randomly selected" for a drug test by the league. He tweeted: "Guys... Make one random tackle... And end up on a "Random" steroid test.. Must be my bod #UpperBodyOfAnAdolescent."

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9. Monday Night Football ratings: Need further proof that folks will watch anything the NFL has to offer? This week's Vikings-Giants Monday night dud drew nearly 13.5 million viewers, better than any other cable offering that night. Its 4.9 rating among those aged 18-49 topped The Voice, The Blacklist, How I Met Your Mother and all other network TV programming for Monday.

Those numbers are still lower than ESPN or the NFL would like, but they're actually well up from the previous week's Colts-Chargers game. That one fell shy of 12 million viewers and had a 4.7 rating in that coveted 18-49 demographic. (In that game's defense, it was up against Game 3 of the NLCS.)

8. Andy Reid, Kool-Aid Man?: So, this happened ...

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7. The Texans' no smoking policy: Houston rookies Willie Jefferson, Sam Montgomery and Cierre Wood were abruptly cut on Monday for violating team rules. Here's how Montgomery described what happened:

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So ... that's either an egregious lie or the Texans booted three rookies for the tiniest violation of team rules in NFL history. Perhaps it is no surprise that later reported that the three players were caught using marijuana. Montgomery's agent denied that charge, also to

6. Jeff Garcia to the rescue?: Jeff Garcia, 43, has not played in the NFL since 2011 and has not thrown a regular-season pass since 2008. He still thinks he might be just the guy the banged-up Browns are looking for right now.

"It's funny, I actually reached out to the Browns and said ... 'Hey, work me out, take a look,'" Garcia told the Bull & Fox show on 92.3 FM. I don't know if people want me back in Cleveland, but I'm open to the opportunity."

On behalf of the Browns: Thanks but no thanks, Jeff.

5. The Bucs being gross: Three Tampa Bay players have been diagnosed this season with MRSA (a staph infection that can be immune to antibiotics). The Falcons, who are playing the Buccaneers on Sunday, decided to take no chances, calling on a hazmat-suited cleaning crew to decontaminate the visiting locker room following the game.

4. Taking fantasy football way too seriously: Giants running back Brandon Jacobs, who sat out Monday's win over Minnesota with an injury, was threatened on Twitter by one very overzealous fantasy footballer (warning: language):

The fan, Andre Rayner, profusely apologized to Jacobs once the Giants' running back passed Rayner's tweets along to the world. As of Tuesday morning, Rayner's account (@DMMeBoo) had been deleted.

3. Pats, Jets fan fight: Police continue to investigate an incident that occurred at the Meadowlands after the Jets' win over New England, in which a Jets fan appeared to punch a female Pats fan in the head.

The punch-throwing fan was identified as Kurt Paschke, who -- seriously -- served three years in jail for stabbing a teenager to death during a fight. Paschke's parents have come to his defense in this case, stating that their son was merely defending himself and his mother from unruly New Englanders. "[I'm] tired of hearing about you never hit a girl or punch a girl," Paschke's dad told the Associated Press.

No matter what went down, it was ugly.

2. Brett Favre's fantasy team: Case closed. The Brett Favre-Aaron Rodgers rift has been healed.

"Is it true you have Aaron Rodgers on your fantasy team?" NFL Network host Rich Eisen asked Favre during a guest spot on GameDay Morning Sunday.

"It is absolutely true, and I have 27 minutes to set my team," Favre said, to a chorus of laughs from the GameDay cast. "Aaron is my quarterback. Usually, he's guaranteed to get me about 30 [points], I think first week he got me 45 points."

1. The end of Roddy White and Reggie Wayne's consecutive game streaks: Wayne had played in 188 straight games before Sunday, White in 133 in a row. Both streaks are now over -- White sat out the Falcons' Week 7 game, marking the first time he had ever missed a contest since entering the league in 2005; Wayne will miss the remainder of the season with a torn ACL, suffered in game No. 189 of his run.