Cam Newton contract talks to target Jay Cutler's deal, not Colin Kaepernick's

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Cam Newton (left and Bears quarterback Jay Cutler are both represented by Bus Cook. (Simon Bruty/SI)

Cam Newton contract negotiations won't mirror Colin Kaepernick deal

One of the first topics of debate to surface on Wednesday when Colin Kaepernick signed his mega-deal with the San Franciso 49ers related to the severity of the domino effect the deal would cause in negotiations with quarterbacks around the league.

With many other young quarterbacks set to negotiate with their teams soon, Kaepernick's deal may have set the standard for those players to begin the process.

The extension negotiations involving Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, however, aren't expected to be that ambitious.

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Newton is slated to get a new deal this year, but his talks won't center around the $21 million per year average that Kaepernick just received. According to the Charlotte Observer, Newton's contract talks will more than likely use the deal that Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler received back in January as a starting point.

Former NFL agent Joel Corry noted that the distinction is more about the completely guaranteed money that Newton will look to receive, which was $54 million for Cutler as opposed to just $13 million for Kaepernick.

“I think $18 million (a year) gets you in the game for Cam, with $50 million in guarantees,” Corry said.

Newton and Cutler also share the same agent, Bus Cook, which could help Cam reach that guaranteed figure. The Panthers will likely do what they can to avoid having the negotiations drag on in the manner that Kaepernick's did, and they can expect to deal with a similar playbook to the one Cook used in negotiating with the Bears for Cutler.

“(The Panthers) are going to get tired of hearing that deal,” Corry said.