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Odell of a Catch

The greatest grab in NFL history? The story behind Odell Beckham’s spotlight-stealing one-handed snare. Plus, the 12 stadiums—from Foxboro to the Bronx to Happy Valley—that nearly hosted Bills-Jets tonight, the Browns do it again, Oakland on the board, Washington still a mess, and much more from Week 12

LSU football coach Les Miles was in his office Sunday night in Baton Rouge, watching video, preparing for a Thursday night game against Texas A&M, when he was told there was something he had to see. It was video of one of his former players/acrobats, Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., making one of the best catches in NFL history Sunday night against Dallas.

“I’m not one for social media," Miles told me on the phone just after 11 Eastern on Sunday night, “but I’m told a lot of our players were on there tonight after the catch saying, 'That's nothing compared to what he did in practice.’ You have to understand: We have seen this before. I just want you to know that."

It was an eventful Week 12, and there's 13 percent of the slate still to go, with two games tonight. Mike Smith of the Falcons (4-0 in the mighty NFC South, 0-7 in all other games) bumbled through another endgame, and he might not be able to save his job after this debacle. The Lions are showing the early signs of a Schwartzian late-season collapse; their prolific offense doesn’t look so prolific—15 points in the last eight quarters. Arizona’s lead in the NFC West was cut from three games to two with five to play. The Patriots beat a division leader handily for the third straight game; they lead the division they own by three games, and if New England doesn’t win its sixth straight AFC East title, my name’s Joe Don Looney. (Hey, you can look him up: The Giants drafted Joe Don, a running back, in the first round 50 years ago.) The AFC North continued on a crazy collision course; if the Ravens win at New Orleans tonight, all four teams in the division will have seven wins with five games remaining.