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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady responded on Thursday to Tom Brady's comments that the "Tuck Rule Game" is the only reason people know who Brady is.

By SI Wire
January 15, 2015

One day after Ray Lewis said the 2002 "Tuck Rule Game" is the only reason people know Tom Brady, the New England Patriots quarterback responded.

The former Baltimore Ravens linebacker made his comments on SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio on Wednesday, saying, "The only reason we know who Tom Brady is because of a tuck rule! There's no such thing as a tuck rule!"

On Thursday, Brady had a brief response speaking to WEEI in Boston.

“Everyone has an opinion,” Brady said. “I think Ray is a great player. He’s a first-ballot Hall of Famer. I was fortunate enough to play against him.”

The "Tuck Rule" helped Brady win his first career playoff game in 2002. Late in a 2001 AFC divisional playoff game against the Oakland Raiders, Brady was sacked by Raiders cornerback Charles Woodson and appeared to fumble the football. The Raiders recovered the ball, but after reviewing the play, officials ruled that Brady's arm was moving forward at the time the ball came loose, consequently ruling the play an incomplete pass instead of a fumble. The Patriots tied the game in regulation before defeating the Raiders in overtime.

Lewis elaborated on his comments on Thursday:

The Patriots will host the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday in the AFC Championship Game.

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