John Harbaugh says he didn't tip off Colts about under-inflated footballs

Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh denied he tipped off the Indianapolis Colts about the New England Patriots' deflated footballs.
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Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh denied he tipped off the Indianapolis Colts about the New England Patriots' deflated footballs.

On NBC's Super Bowl pregame show, he called that notion "ridiculous." Harbaugh also said he contacted Colts head coach Chuck Pagano to ensure no one from the Ravens reached out to the Colts.

The Patriots defeated the Ravens in the divisional round of the playoffs on Jan. 10, one week before beating the Colts in the championship game.

Jay Glazer of Fox Sports reported earlier that the NFL had planned to inspect balls at halftime of the game vs. the Colts game after the Ravens "tipped off the Colts" about New England "potentially doctoring the air in footballs."

ESPN also previously reported the league was "aware of the issue" heading into the AFC title game after the Colts had concerns about underinflated balls following their Nov. 16 game against the Patriots.

The Deflategate controversy has generated copious headlines in the lead up to Sunday's Super Bowl XLIX matchup between the Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks

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