Heading into this season, many likely would have assumed an NFC North team would be in the top four of our Power Rankings. But not many would have thought that it wouldn't be the Packers. 

By Chris Burke
November 11, 2015

Hard to argue for any team other than the remaining undefeateds lining up 1-2-3, in some order. There is utter chaos behind the Patriots, Bengals and Panthers

The Broncos took their first loss of the year with a lethargic outing in Indianapolis, and Green Bay has been underwhelming during back-to-back losses. Does one of those two teams still belong at No. 4? Not according to our latest set of Power Rankings, which drops both the Broncos and the Packers, moving them closer to the jumbled pack below.

Here’s how they all stand after Week 9, with a different NFC North team cracking the top five.

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