Josh Norman on Dez Bryant: ‘The disrespect was just through the roof’

Carolina Panthers cornerback Josh Norman says Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant disrespected him during warm-ups for Thursday’s game.
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What happens when you disrespect Carolina Panthers cornerback Josh Norman? He holds you to only one reception for six yards when he’s defending you. That’s what Norman says went down after Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant called him out during warm-ups before Thursday’s game.

Norman says that several Panthers defensive backs returned to the locker room and informed him that Bryant had called him out, reports ESPN’s David Newton.

“He shouldn’t have ticked off my DBs in pregame. That took me to a whole other place,” Norman told reporters after the game. “Once that happened, you can’t get me fired up [enough]. I'm telling you, I'm going to be at your throat for four quarters every time.

“The disrespect was just through the roof.”

According toThe Dallas Morning Star, Norman even took a jab at Bryant after the game, telling reporters that the Cowboys needed to get their $70 million back after Bryant’s poor performance, referencing the contract Bryant signed during the off-season.

Norman said he channeled movies like “300” and “The Dark Knight” to get him mentally and physically prepared to go up against Bryant.

“I didn’t want him to catch a single ball,” Norman said.

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Norman was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct during the fourth quarter when he vocally celebrated defending a pass to Bryant in the endzone.

Byrant, who caught only two passes for 28 yards on the day, did not speak with reporters after the game.

- Xandria James