NFL Playoff Picture, Week 12: Texans currently hold wild-card spot in AFC

The Texans have creeped into a wild-card spot after Week 12 of the NFL season. Here's how the rest of the NFL playoff picture shakes out. 
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Here’s what the AFC and NFC playoff pictures look like through Sunday's Week 12 afternoon games (a primer on tiebreaking procedures can be found here):


  • 1

    1New England Patriots (10–1)

    Conference: 7–1; Division: 4–0

  • 2

    2Cincinnati Bengals (9–2)

    Conference: 7–1; Division: 3–0

  •  3

    3Denver Broncos (9–2)

    Conference: 5–2; Division: 2–1

  • 4

    4Indianapolis Colts (6–5)

    Conference: 4–3; Division: 3–0

  • 5

    5Kansas City Chiefs (6–5)

    Conference: 5–2; Division: 3–0

  • 6

    6Houston Texans (6–5)

    Conference: 4–3; Division: 2–1

In The Hunt

  • New York Jets (6–5)

    Conference: 5–4; Division: 2–2

  • Pittsburgh Steelers (6–5)

    Conference: 3–4; Division: 1–2

  • Oakland Raiders (5–6)

    Conference: 5–3; Division: 1–1

  • Buffalo Bills (5–6)

    Conference: 5–5; Division: 3–2

Hello there, AFC South. The division that earlier this season looked headed toward a sub-.500 champion now is threatening to claim two bids. The next three weeks will decide how realistic that outcome is. Indianapolis heads to Pittsburgh and Jacksonville in Weeks 13 and 14, respectively, before welcoming in Houston; the Texans visit Buffalo and host New England prior to that showdown with the Colts.

Kansas City did a number on Buffalo's playoff hopes in Week 12. It could do the same next Sunday to Oakland, when it visits the Black Hole. Should the Chiefs pick up a win there, they will be hard to bump from the playoff race—their final four opponents sit at a combined 13-29, prior to Monday's Baltimore-Cleveland game (Kansas City plays each team).

Jeremy Maclin proving crucial to Kansas City's offensive resurgence

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Four teams (St. Louis, Detroit, Philadelphia and New Orleans) are 4–7...just two back of the second wild card.