Jets WR Brandon Marshall says Giants player trash-talked his wife

Brandon Marshall said Cullen Jenkins trash-talked Marshall about his wife. 
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New York Jets receiver Brandon Marshall said he was defending his wife during a shoving match with Giants defensive lineman Cullen Jenkins on Sunday.

Jenkins and Marshall got into it after a play during the game, briefly shoving each other until they were separated. Neither was flagged on the play.

“I believe in trash talk and some guys get up for that, but some things are off limits,” Marshall told reporters. “He made a comment-he said my 'girl' and he didn't know I was married. I don't care, there's not enough money on this earth for someone to disrespect my wife.”

Marshall said Jenkins eventually took back the comment. The Jets won 23–20 in overtime.

“He thought maybe I had four or five girls or something. But I'm happily married to one woman,” Marshall said. “I love my wife, Michi Marshall, and I will fight to the end for her. So there you go, baby. He's 500 pounds and I went after him for you.”