On The Clock podcast: Which players should go pro and who should wait?

On this episode of the On The Clock podcast, host Chris Burke talks with Nolan Vasan of nfldraftgeek.com about players who are wavering on their decision to go pro, and whether or not certain players should enter the NFL draft.
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For amateur scouts and forward-thinking NFL fans alike, it’s time to study up for draft season with the On the Clock NFL Draft Podcast with Chris Burke, a weekly look at the prospects of the 2016 draft and the NFL teams most in need of their services.

On this week's episode, Nolan Vasan of nfldraftgeek.com joins Burke to talk about players who are wavering on their decision to go pro or not, and players who have decided and whether or not they made the right choice. Some players like Ronnie Stanley and Myles Jack are certainly ready for the NFL, but other players like Christian Hackenberg remain on the fence.

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