Sour Rankings: Fumbles, drops and celebrations galore in NFL's Week 14

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The updated Power Rankings arrive on Wednesday. But first, the Sour Rankings take a spin through the worst of the past week in the NFL …

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Honorable mention, R-rated category

Not going to embed this video from Adam “Pacman” Jones here—so you understand that decision, it's captioned “That's how I feel!!!! F*** Pittsburgh!!!!”

Prior to the Bengals' game with the Steelers, Jones went on a bit of a rant that he kindly filmed for us all to view on Instagram. You can watch it here, though I'd recommend putting in your headphones before you do.

10. Von Miller's fake(?) cramp

The Broncos were trying to decide if they should challenge an Oakland catch, while the Raiders were rushing to the line to get off the next snap. Keep that scene in mind as you watch Miller drop with a cramp.

Legit? Hard to say definitively. The timing of it was rather suspect, though the Broncos did get the challenge flag out prior to the snap ... and prior to the officials stopping play so the trainers could attend to Miller.

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9. Cam Newton's butt slap

We may finally know where Newton's weak spot is.

8. Vernon Davis's drop

Suffice it to say that when the Denver Broncos traded for Davis, they expected he would be able to make catches like this one:

As you can see by the scoreboard, the drop came on a fourth down with Denver down by three late. Had he caught it, the Broncos would have been on the edge of field-goal range.

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7. Philip Rivers' ... uh ... well ...

Rivers played Sunday, in miserable conditions at Kansas City. He actually had his team within inches of a potential game-tying touchdown in the closing seconds, too, before a couple of penalties and a drop blew that up. 

Of course, it could have been worse.

At least the Chargers weren't wearing their white pants.

6. Matt Cassel

Jerry Jones told reporters following Sunday's loss at Green Bay that he doesn't blame Cassel for the outcome. And he shouldn't. Cassel has not been a full-time starter in this league since 2010, and it has been painfully obvious for awhile now that he is in over his head under center for Dallas (despite a Week 13 win over Washington).

But if you need visual evidence, allow us to present Exhibit A:

OK, we can give him a pass there. That type of play happens at least a few times a season, and it was raining throughout Sunday's game at Lambeau. Exhibit B, though:

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5. Rex Ryan vs. the refs

Only the Buccaneers had committed more penalties through 13 weeks than the Bills, who were flagged 15 times for 101 yards in a loss at Philadelphia. (The Eagles were penalized five times for 55 yards.)

Ryan and his staff weren't buying this one.

Defensive coordinator Dennis Thurman reportedly was identified as the one heard yelling, "You're a disgrace to the NFL" on that video. 

4. Johnny Manziel vs. technology

It's almost a guarantee whenever Johnny Manziel plays that we're going to wind up with a GIF/Vine-worthy moment or two. (See: Manziel signing a $100 bill before Sunday's win over San Francisco.)

Manziel mostly played well Sunday, but he also threw a horrendous interception back across his body to the middle of the field. Here was his reaction once he saw it again on the sideline Surface tablet:

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3. Matt Jones' catch and fumble

Washington fans will be willing to forgive their running back's absurd gaffe since he played a key role in a 24–21 win. In fact, that catch that led to Jones' fumble came on a third-and-six Kirk Cousins heave into traffic, with the Redskins clinging to a three-point lead late.

Jones made an outstanding grab, then ...

Somehow, Jones actually recovered his own fumble, despite several players jumping over top of him to scrap for the ball.

2. William Gay loses his mind

The Steelers' cornerback gave his team a commanding lead Sunday with a pick-six early in the third quarter. And then he celebrated for, like, the rest of the afternoon. 

Gay did draw an excessive celebration penalty, though that hardly covers it.

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1. Pete Carroll's celebration

So it appears that Carroll was quite excited about the Seahawks' win in Baltimore. Or he has flat-out gone crazy. Possibly both.