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Tony Romo could have plate attached to collarbone to combat injuries

“If we have to put a plate in there, something small, we’ll do that,” Romo said.
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Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has broken his collarbone twice this season, once in September and then again following his return in November. During an interview on 1310 The Ticket on Monday, Romo discussed the possibility of having a plate surgically attached to his collarbone to help combat future injuries.

“We have a few ideas of what we can do with the collarbone,” Romo said. “There are a few plans. We’re going to pick out the CT scan and some of the other stuff and see how much calcification has taken and whether it’s gotten to a point where we feel like it’s really strong and it will be able to handle some of the normal hits you take.”

Romo went on to add that although the exact plan has yet to be determined, the team will have a method to prevent the same type of injury going forward.

“But we’re going to have a good plan. If we have to put a plate in there, something small, we’ll do that,” Romo said. That should ensure that that doesn’t happen, or the percentage of that goes way, way down. From my perspective, I feel very strongly about the way that I’m going to be able to play going forward.”

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Romo also missed ten games in 2010 with a broken left collarbone. He has played in only four games this season, throwing for 884 yards, five touchdowns, and seven interceptions.

- Xandria James