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Here are all the goofy people at Super Bowl media day

A roundup of some of the interesting faces at Super Bowl media. 

Super Bowl media day is far more than a press conference for players and journalists.

It’s a showcase for the strange, the unlikely and the “what are they doing here?”

Here’s a roundup of just some of the funny faces in the crowd during the first Super Bowl media in primetime.

Miss Universe

Argyle Guy

Gold Skinsuit Guy

This guy was the first one to ask Peyton Manning a question (after NFL Network’s Marshall Faulk got his turn), which didn’t sit well with at least one media member. 


Clown Chef(?)

Update: Someone told me this is “Swedish chef” from The Muppets.

A Guy With Skis

A Woman Wearing A Football Necklace And Wig

Broncos Leprechaun

Orange Skinsuit Guy

An Actual Clown

Man In Luchador Mask

Guy Dressed As A Lady

The post will be updated.

– Rohan Nadkarni