The 2016 NFL draft is just about a week, so it's time for Chris Burke to take a stab at predicting the first three—yes, three!—rounds. How far does Laremy Tunsil fall? Who comes away with some Round 2 steals? Find out here: 

By Chris Burke
April 20, 2016

Were it not for Roger Goodell and the NFL’s Random Punishment Generator stripping the Patriots (first round) and Chiefs (third round) of early picks, this year's draft would have an even 100 selections over its opening two days. 

Alas, the number of players to be picked in Rounds 1–3 stands at 98. And all we know for sure about how the proceedings will play out is that the Rams will take a quarterback at No. 1. Which quarterback that is remains something of a mystery, as does just about everything from there on down. 

With just over a week to go until the draft begins, here’s a projection of how the first three rounds will go.


Maybe this is the spot where the Panthers nab a tackle, should they look elsewhere in Round 1. As this mock happens to fall, however, Neal—drawing speculation as a Round 1 option—steps in as an enforcer on a Carolina defense that can help cover his flaws.

John Elway remains on the hunt for a 2016 starting quarterback. Prescott does not provide much help there, but should the Broncos wind up with a “bridge” option—Mark Sanchez, Brian Hoyer or Ryan Fitzpatrick—Prescott has a chance to become something special.

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