No. 10: Packers' Mike Daniels

Mike Daniels ranks among the NFL's best interior linemen. 
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Nobody who looks like Mike Daniels should be able to do what the fifth-year Packer does as an interior rusher. He stands six feet even (generously), weighs about 290 (again, generously), and he doesn’t appear to be what the league traditionally considers an elite athlete. But then the ball is snapped, and Daniels is all over the place, attacking opposing offenses against the run and pass. Daniels is listed as a 3­–4 end, but he plays inside in Green Bay’s sub-packages often enough to be considered an elite inside guy. There are times when he’ll take on a center and guard as a one-tech end and simply embarrass everybody in his path​, bulling both blockers back with his handfighting and root strength. He’s one of the better multi-gap players in the NFL, but it’s his ability to create consistent inside pressure at his size that makes him so unique.