Chris Trotman/Getty Images

New Texan Lamar Miller, with his quick feet and wheels, can be a game breaker and high-volume carrier when given the opportunity. 

July 19, 2016

Miller was pushed under the radar last season due to the Dolphins’ puzzling and at times inexplicable abandonment of the run game. He had no shortage of suitors when he hit free agency, and after signing with Houston, he’s primed to blow past his previous career highs (1,099 yards, eight touchdowns). The 25-year-old with quick feet and wheels can be a game breaker—he has TDs of 97, 85 and 54 yards in his career, the last on that list as a receiver; he can be a high-volume ball carrier, when given the opportunity. Houston so badly wanted him because he can move east-west and then explode through a hole (even if that east-west movement costs him on occasion). 

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