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LeSean McCoy's yardage total last year was hindered by injuries, but that doesn't mask the fact that he remains a threat. 

July 19, 2016

Nick Foles finding a magic potion that briefly turned him into Joe Montana was a prevailing storyline from Philadelphia’s 2013 division title. McCoy, though, was nothing short of brilliant. Thriving within Chip Kelly’s offense (ironically, in hindsight, since Kelly later replaced him with DeMarco Murray), McCoy carved up defenses to the tune of 1,600 yards and a rushing title. He has not matched that output before or since, but even last season’s injury-hindered 895-yard rushing total could not completely mask that McCoy remains a threat. His one-cut running style will cost him yardage in the backfield at times, but he engages the afterburners in a hurry when he finds a crease. His jukes and jump cuts have left defender after defender flailing at air.

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