Aaron Rodgers: If Roger Goodell has too much power, ‘we have nobody to blame but ourselves’

Aaron Rodgers pointed to the CBA on Wednesday when discussing the possibility of Roger Goodell having too much power.
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In light of the NFL’s threat to suspended players if they don’t sit down for a meeting regarding December’s Al Jazeera America report, Aaron Rodgers noted Wednesday that commissioner Roger Goodell’s power lies in the players’ hands.

A guest on the Jim Rome Show, Rodgers said if Goodell has too much power, the only people to blame are the players, who negotiated the CBA.

“If that is the case, we have nobody to blame but ourselves because we had the opportunity in the CBA to make some legitimate changes to that,” Rodgers said. “I think there’s probably too much pressure to come back to a deal when we had all the power on our side and that was something we should have had negotiated into the CBA, because this shouldn’t be someone who is judge, jury, and executioner.”

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The Packers quarterback also said that giving credit to “any wild accusation” sets a “bad precedent.”

NFL players can negotiate a new CBA after it expires in 2020.