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Scout's Take: Denver Broncos

When Russell Okung has been on the field, he has been wildly inconsistent.

Underrated: Paxton Lynch

The narrative is that Paxton needs to still learn, still develop, still has a way to go. And that is a smart narrative because you immediately disarm the fanbase and the media from placing high expectations on your first-round draft pick. So it’s really brilliant. But sooner rather than later, we are going to see Lynch on the field and he is going to perform at a winning level for this team. When you take into account where they were last year and how they played from a quarterback standpoint, they only threw 19 touchdowns. Paxton is a perfect fit for this offense, when you talk about a mobile quarterback with a big arm who is an accurate passer on the move. The moment they put him as the starter, which will happen within the first five games of the season, that is the time that they turn into a contending team. He has the special sauce that you need.

Overrated: Russell Okung

When he has been on the field, he has been wildly inconsistent. Pass protection is supposed to be his deal, but he gets beat more than you think, especially for a guy who has been to a Pro Bowl. Because he was a high pick, he is a sexy name. He is a solid player, but he is not a great player.

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