Luke Kuechly Talks Instincts, Early Retirement Trend and What Really Happens at the Bottom of the Pile

A conversation with the Carolina Panthers linebacker about his football instincts, relationship with Thomas Davis, the time Andrew Luck surprised him on the field, and a magical off-the-field hobby
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In this episode of The MMQB Podcast with Peter King, I sat down for a discussion with Kuechly about instinct. To me, that’s Kuechly’s defining trait. The linebacker is just so good at anticipating plays. We also discussed the cerebral aspect of football, his best play ever and his relationship with teammate Thomas Davis. When I asked him about a time he wasn't able to anticipate what was coming, a time when an opponent surprised him, he told an entertaining story about Andrew Luck.

And later in the show, a conversation with Rams head coach Jeff Fisher.

3:30: Kuechly on his high school football days at Cincinnati's St. Xavier.

5:00: Kuechly on the opportunity to play for Boston College.

5:30: Kuechly on watching Bengals games as a kid.

6:00: Kuechly his favorite linebackers to watch- Ray Lewis, Brian Urlacher, Derrick Brooks.

7:00:  Kuechly on Ray Lewis' speed.

7:45: Kuechly on playing off his instincts.

12:00: What high school linebackers need to know.

14:30: Kuechly on what kind of student he is when studying a game plan.

17:50: Kuechly talks about his hobby- learning and performing card tricks.

24:00: On the cerebral aspect of football.

25:25: The best play of Kuechly's life

29:30: On teamwork with Thomas Davis.

33:20: On an unexpected moment with Andrew Luck on the field.

35:05: What really happens at the bottom of piles?

37:00: On linebackers retiring early.

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