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Brandon Marshall talks Jets and Career Regrets

A conversation with the New York Jets receiver about his tempestuous career, the importance of mental fitness, changes he wants to see in the league before he retires, and post-football plans. Plus, Marshall issues an apology to a former Denver teammate

In this episode of The MMQB Podcast with Peter King, which we're dubbing "The Wide Receiver Show," I sat down for a discussion with Brandon Marshall and Larry Fitzgerald. Marshall is a man with many off-the-field business interests, and we actually sat down for this interview in the atrium of a building in Manhattan where he has an office.

Marshall, an itinerant player on his fourth team in 11 seasons, talks about some of his regrets that caused him to move so often. Diagnosed with the mental illness Borderline Personality Disorder, Marshall also speaks about becoming a spokesman for mental health issues nationwide. He is particularly revealing when discussing some of the people he wishes he could apologize to in his past — and on the state of race relations in the NFL.

And later in the show, Fitzgerald, the league's biggest world traveler, names his favorite places on the planet — and they'll surprise you. He also talks about why he won't play long enough to try to eclipse Jerry Rice's records, and is eloquent on the work he does with a foundation in Minnesota that restores hearing in needy people around the world.

3:00: Marshall on his career playing for four different teams. Does he wish he had a 15 year career in Denver?

4:00: Marshall on getting traded from Chicago to New York.

6:00: Marshall on his borderline personality disorder diagnosis and the work his foundation does.

12:45: On black-and-white thinking and mentalization therapy.

13:20: On what might have happened if he didn't get the help he needed for borderline personality disorder.

14:45: Marshall would like to see the NFL should change the policy of suspending players and banning them from the team facility. Teammates are the support system, guys with addiction problems need a support system to help them through.

16:00: Marshall says every team should have a mental fitness clinician on site on the first floor next to the strength and conditioning coach.

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19:00: Marshall tells a story about how a penalty flag stopped him from making an on-field political statement about black and white unity.

24:45: Marshall on the recent anthem protests and where it is all headed.

29:00: On his physical style of play and how that affects his mental health and his plans after football.

33:25: Marshall on the possibility of playing long enough to catch Jerry Rice's record.

34:30: Marshall on how he's put together more 100-catch seasons than anyone else.

37:00: Marshall on how he has matured in the way he communicates with his teammates.

39:50: Marshall issues an apology to Brian Dawkins, his teammate in Denver who he let down.  

45:50: Does Marshall wish he would have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder earlier? Could he have saved himself some problems?

48:30: What Marshall wants the last line of his obituary to say.

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