Shannon Sharpe believes poltics should not be discussed in the locker room.

By SI Wire
October 06, 2016

Fox Sports Undisputed co-host Shannon Sharpe believes NFL players should not discuss the upcoming presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the locker room.

A story by Bleacher Report's Mike Freeman described how the election is dividing NFL locker rooms. Of 43 players polled, 21 of 21 white players intended to vote for Trump. In the same pool, 20 of 22 black players planned to vote for Hillary Clinton, while two planned to vote for Trump.

”When I got to the Broncos in 1990, which was my rookie season, the one thing I was told early on: Religion, politics, orientation, race. Those subjects should never be talked about in the locker room.” Sharpe told Maggie Gray on SI Now. “You have 53 guys trying for a common goal. The common goal is not to make a Pro Bowl or make an All-Pro – it's to win a Super Bowl. So you're getting guys that are black, white, different religions, different orientations, different political affiliations. You don't want that to divide the locker room because the only thing you really want to talk about is what is it going to take for us on Sunday or Monday to win this game.”

Which athletes are voting for Clinton, Trump or Johnson?

In one case, the article also found that two players on an NFC team decided they could no longer be friends due to one of their support for Trump.

The election will be held on Nov. 8.

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