John Madden on Raiders’ potential move to Las Vegas: ‘They don't have an alternative’

John Madden believes the Raiders have no choice but to move to Las Vegas.
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Hall of Fame coach John Madden coached the Raiders from 1969 to 1978 in Oakland and believes the team has no other choice but to move to Las Vegas, he told SI's Andy Gray.

“They don't have an alternative. I mean, that's the problem,” Madden says. “They can't continue to play in that stadium. They need a new stadium. And they can't get one put together in Oakland. The L.A. thing didn't work out, which, I'm kind of glad about. I don't think they belonged in L.A. But [Stan] Kroenke got that and, even though there was a chance they may go in with him, I don't think that'll happen. So then, Las Vegas stepped up and offered that they would build a stadium. So that's where they had to go.If it were a decision - Do you want to play in Oakland or do you want to play in Las Vegas - we would all say "we want you to play in Oakland." And Mark Davis, who's making the decision, would say he'd wants to play in Oakland. But there is no Oakland here.”

You can read Gray's full Q&A with Madden here.

Owner Mark Davis is spearheading the effort to move the team but still needs relocation approval from at least 24 NFL ownership groups. The vote could happen during January's owners meetings but have already been discussed in Houston meetings.

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NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is in favor of finding another option within the Oakland Market, according to CBS Sports. Several NFL owners, including Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys, have openly supported of the move.

Nevada has plans to build a $1.9 billion stadium with a dome that would hold approximately 65,000 seats. The new stadium will require $750 million in public funding.