Tom Brady: NFL claims to take tough stances on issues

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady explains his stance on the NFL's domestic violence policy.
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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady commented on the NFL's growing problem with domestic violence and its polices, saying he doesn't condone that kind of behavior.

Brady made his weekly appearance on WEEI radio and was asked about domestic violence amid outrage over New York Giants kicker Josh Brown.

Brown was given a one-game suspension to start the season and was subsequently placed on the league's Reserve/Commissioner Exempt List last week, after documents were released showing Brown admitted to physically abusing his now ex-wife.

"Domestic violence is a horrible issue," Brady said. "I have no respect for that. The NFL claims to take tough stances, this is their situation."

“I grew up with three sisters, I was very fortunate to learn from a loving father and a loving mother how to treat and respect women,” Brady said. “I have a daughter of my own and domestic violence is a horrible issue. It’s a tragedy when it happens. Any type of abuse or bullying of people who can’t defend or fight for themselves, I have no respect for that."

Brady wouldn't specifically say if he has issues with the NFL, only saying "I'm trying to stay out of that," and that he will keep his opinions to himself.

"I will let them handle it. I think that is their responsibility. I certainly don’t condone any part of domestic violence. I think it is a terrible, terrible thing. I think the league, they have to handle those types of things," Brady added.​

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell told the BBC this weekend that he understands "the public’s misunderstanding of those things and how that can be difficult for them to understand how we get to those positions.”

“But those are things that we have to do. I think it’s a lot deeper and a lot more complicated than it appears but it gets a lot of focus," Goodell said.

Brady was suspended by the league for the first four games of this season after Deflategate, in which the NFL claims Brady played a role in deliberately de-inflating footballs before the AFC Championship Game in 2015. The Patriots went on to win the Super Bowl that season.

– Scooby Axson