Matthew Berry Talks Popularity of Fantasy Football, Inventing His Job, and Giving Fantasy Advice to Celebs

A conversation with ESPN's Senior Fantasy analyst about inventing his own job, celebrities who need fantasy football advice, and his mom, the mayor of College Station
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In this episode of The MMQB Podcast with Peter King, I sat down for conversations with ESPN's Senior Fantasy Analyst Matthew Berry and Arizona Cardinals running back David Johnson.

Berry talks about how he went from being a TV writer in Los Angeles to a senior fantasy analyst at ESPN. He explains how he created a cottage industry out of his fantasy sports hobby. Berry tells stories of helping out celebrities with their fantasy football teams, and the time he made an appearance at Jay Z's fantasy draft. He also talks about his mom, who is mayor of College Station, Texas.

David Johnson discusses the tough summer job he had in college ripping asbestos out of dorm rooms that motivated him to be a great football player so that he would never to do jobs like that anymore. He also talks about how he takes criticism and hard coaching from Bruce Arians. Johnson discusses his fantasy football value, playing in a dodgeball league and growing up as a triplet.

5:20: Berry explains how he created his own job and cultivated fantasy sports as a cottage industry.

7:30: Berry on how he made his own website, and started hustling to push his own brand.

12:30: Berry in defense of fantasy football.

13:50: Peter King gives a Matthew Berry trivia quiz: Who is the mayor of College Station, Texas?

17:50: Berry explains why fantasy football is so popular and how fantasy football kept him close with old college friends.

22:00: On the specific point of view he has when he watches football.

23:00: Brainstorming nicknames for David Johnson.

27:00: On Peter’s failed fantasy analysis.

33:25: Why running backs are overly important in fantasy.

35:40: Berry tells the story of going to Jay Z’s fantasy football draft.

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