Chicago Bears: Is this the last stand for Jay Cutler?

Jay Cutler's Chicago tenure sure appears to be winding down. 
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Is this the last stand for Jay Cutler? It sure feels that way. Cutler’s seven-year, $126 million contract can be swept under the rug rather easily after this season. According to, releasing Cutler after the 2017 league year starts would save Chicago $14 million with just a $2 million dead-money hit. For now, though, the Bears are turning back to Cutler after Brian Hoyer broke his arm in Week 7.

The only other horse in the barn is Matt Barkley, a million miles from a developmental QB and even a subpar week-to-week option. The Bears made their bed by failing to find any intriguing QB prospects during the last few drafts. (Their 2014 attempt, David Fales, currently resides on Baltimore’s practice squad.) So provided he can stay healthy, the 33-year-old Cutler will play out his eighth Chicago season back in the starting role. Can he do anything while there to convince the front office to keep him around in 2017?