Los Angeles Rams: When will Jeff Fisher hand the keys over to Jared Goff?

Case Keenum isn't getting the job done under center. With pleas for a change, will Jeff Fisher call for the rookie? 
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What started as a hopeful 3-1 record has dissolved into 3-4, and unless Aaron Donald can play every position, the Rams’ playoff prospects suddenly feel slim. Case Keenum, who was supposed to be a game manager, is more than replaceable after throwing 7 interceptions on just 4 touchdowns over the past three weeks. The Rams are coming out of their bye week, and there is seemingly no better time than now to see what the No. 1 overall pick in the draft can do.

All logic suggests Goff should start. He (probably) can’t be more ineffective than Keenum, and getting real-time NFL reps is so crucial to development, especially at the quarterback position. Goff has been working more with the first-team, so the table has been set for a switcheroo. If he does indeed get the start, we’ll be closer to answering an even more burning question: Is Goff the future of this franchise, or in trading up to draft him did the Rams make one of the worst off-season moves of all time?