8. AFC South

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When you have Blake Bortles and Brock Osweiler in the same division, is this really a question? Osweiler has managed to do what Brian Hoyer, Ryan Mallett, T.J. Yates, and Brandon Weeden couldn’t even do last season, and that is make DeAndre Hopkins look human. Osweiler’s QB rating when targeting Hopkins this year: 51.0. The rating for those four journeymen QBs when targeting Hopkins in 2015: 93.8. Wrap your mind around that. I don’t even know how it is possible. Osweiler’s overall QB rating this year (72.2) is the third-worst in the Texans’ franchise history, behind only two David Carr seasons that rank among the worst in NFL history. Again, wrap your mind around that. I’m just happy that he already got his money already. And poor Bortles. We all thought this was going to be the year that both he and the Jaguars made the leap. Instead, we got consecutive games in which he threw interceptions that bounced off his own receiver’s foot. I’m not ready to write off Bortles’s career just yet, but his season has been so bad that the Jaguars may be looking for a new coach and a new QB in the off-season.

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Of course having Andrew Luck in the division bumps up the collective score here, as he’s returned to form this year despite the fact that the Colts team around him does him little favors. And Marcus Mariota has certainly improved on his already solid rookie year, helped out by a much-improved offensive line, and is well on his way to having a respectable NFL career.  Plus he is seemingly getting better every week, as he’s thrown a touchdown pass in eight straight games. But when you have Osweiler and Bortles sharing a division, you’re going to need more than that to not rank dead last.