Former NFL player Tre Mason arrested for July ATV incident

Tre Mason's off-field issues continue.
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Former NFL player Tre Mason was arrested on Tuesday for fleeing from a police officer on an ATV in July, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Mason was doing wheelies on an ATV in a park on July 27 when police tried to stop him. Mason sped past them and fled the scene before retreating into his mother's home. He was not wearing a helmet or protective gear.

Just days earlier, Mason had been “admitted for evaluation” to a hospital after his mother called police to her home. She told deputies that Mason had been acting erratically and had a cut on his hand. His mother said that football head injuries left him with a “10-year-old’s mindset.”

A warrant for his arrest was issued on December 15. He faces a charge of fleeing and eluding without regard for others' safety. He spent less than an hour in county jail before being released on bail.

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Mason did not play in the 2016 season. Former Rams head coach Jeff Fisher said the team had not heard from Mason since the end of the 2015 season when he did not report to training camp.