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Kyle Shanahan on Why He's Ready to be a Head Coach

A conversation with Atlanta's offensive coordinator about his future, how he's coached Matt Ryan and how his upbringing prepared him for a life in coaching

In this week's episode, I talked to Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan and legendary Boston Globe columnist Bob Ryan.

Shanahan explains why he is his ready to be an NFL head coach. He gives his major coaching points that helped quarterback Matt Ryan, and also talks about how his upbringing as a coach's son prepared him for this coaching life.

Ryan talks about how these Patriots compare to the great Celtics teams he has covered since the sixties, and he compares Bill Belichick to Red Auerbach. Ryan remembers covering Larry Bird and how Bird wanted to be coached hard in the same way that Tom Brady does. Ryan also remembers Atlanta's Matt Ryan's career as a Boston College Eagle.

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