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The Super Bowl 51 Deep Dive

How will the Patriots defend Julio Jones and account for those Falcons running backs? Can the Falcons get to Tom Brady, or cover Julian Edelman? Might New England turn to LeGarrette Blount? All that, plus a little on John Lynch (and even less on the Pro Bowl)

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As always, Andy and I have media that is so very social. We moved the mailbag portion of the podcast to the Thursday show, when we’ll answer as many questions as humanly possible (playoffs, offseason, coaching carousel, draft, anything is fair game):

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This week's show:

1. What the Patriots will do about Julio Jones — 2:57

2. Defending the Falcons running backs in the passing game, and the importance of Patrick Chung — 9:27

3. Why Tom Brady is probably gonna be Tom Brady — 14:55

4. Could the Patriots turn to LeGarrette Blount and try to steamroll Atlanta? — 18:00

5. Keanu Neal and Deion Jones: Atlanta’s youth in the middle of the D goes against Brady — 25:46

6. Atlanta secondary’s toughest challenge of the postseason: Julian Edelman — 28:36

7. Why Vic Beasley will have trouble getting home, and why it might not matter — 33:37

8. A little appreciation of Matt Ryan — 38:20

9. The role officiating might play — 40:06

10. What could be decided in the red zone — 42:40

11. Everything you need to know about the Pro Bowl — 49:35