The Falcons had the NFL's best offense this year. Running back duo Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman are a big reason why. 

By Extra Mustard
February 02, 2017

Matt Ryan will probably win the NFL's MVP award, but Falcons running back duo Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman are also a big reason why Atlanta had the league's best offense this year. 

The two combined for the most total yards from scrimmage this season by a running back combination, as Freeman gained 1,541 yards from scrimmage and Coleman added 941 total yards of his own. Atlanta's running backs averaged 168.9 total yards from scrimmage per game this season, also a league-high. 

Freeman scored 13 touchdowns and Coleman had 11; their combined 24 scores were second-most in the NFL, trailing on the Buffalo Bills' running back contingent. 

The pair were not just effective on the ground—they proved to be reliable options for Ryan in the passing game, as well. Freeman and Coleman combined to catch 85 passes on the year, and Freeman's 54 catches were fifth-most among running backs. 

The future looks bright in Atlanta, as Freeman is just 24 years old and Coleman is 23. The two young backs should have a big role in the Falcons' game plan against the Patriots on Sunday in Super Bowl LI. 

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