Super Bowl LI: Prop Bets results

Here's how some of the Super Bowl's quirkier bets played out. 
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National Anthem over/under 2:07.5: Under (2:04)

Luke Bryan wearing blue jeans yes/no: No

Coin Toss: Tails

Winner of coin toss: Falcons

First offensive play of the game: Pass

First reception of the game: Julian Edelman

First coach shown after kickoff: Dan Quinn

Total points scored in first quarter: 0

First score of the game: Touchdown

Team to score first: Falcons

First touchdown of the game: Devonta Freeman 

New England first touchdown scorer: James White

Will there be a non-offensive TD: Yes

Longest touchdown over/under 50.5 yards: Over

Total points scored first half: 24

First song of Lady Gaga's halftime show: Any other song ("God Bless America")

Will one of the quarterbacks break the record of 415 passing yards?: Yes

Over/under 305.5 passing yards for Tom Brady: Over

Over/under 310.5 passing yards for Matt Ryan: Under

Most receiving yards for the Patriots: James White

Most receiving yards for the Falcons: Julio Jones

Most receiving yards for Patriots: LaGarrette Blount

Most rushing yards for Falcons: Devonta Freeman

Will Brady/Belichick/Kraft be seen shaking Roger Goodell's hand on TV: Yes

Will "Houston, we have a problem" be said on the broadcast?: No

Super Bowl MVP: Tom Brady