Jason Miller/Getty Images Sport
February 08, 2017

Like 99% of the teams that have ever drafted No. 1, quarterback is a need. Also like 99% of the teams who've drafted No. 1, other needs exist. In the Browns' case, there's an especially dire one along the defensive line. They have no natural pass rushers. That, not unstable quarterbacking, was the biggest reason Cleveland, which was well-schemed and played hard throughout 2016, won just a single game. In the NFL, speed and burst off the edge are critical, but flexibility to bend around the corner is also a must. The Browns drafted Emmanuel Ogbah in Round 2 and Carl Nassib in Round 3 last year, but neither is a true edge-bender. It's imperative that Cleveland, with two first-round picks in April, invest heavily in a bona fide playmaker up front.

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