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Daniel Jeremiah Previews NFL Draft

An NFL draft preview with NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah

The offseason is here, but we're not slowing down. On this week's episode, I talked to NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah to get his take on the deepest position's in this year's NFL draft and how he would approach the draft if he were the general manager of the Cleveland Browns. Jeremiah also talked about what he would give up to acquire Jimmy Garoppolo if he was a team in need of a quarterback. Later in the podcast, I sound off on the relationship between the Patriots and Donald Trump, and Emily Kaplan joins us for some segments, including a brand new one!

Programming note: Breer's podcast will be switching from Tuesday to Friday. Next episode will post on Friday, February 24.

43:13-45:19: Jeremiah on the importance of teams not talking themselves into a quarterback out of desperation

47:18-47:29: Jeremiah on why this stat gives him pause about a guy like DeShone Kizer: “Of the 32 (NFL) starters, two of them, their last year in college, played on a team with a losing record and completed fewer than 60 percent of their passes.”

49:14-50:24: If Jeremiah were GM of the Browns, he'd use this draft strategy...

54:31-54:40: On the positions with the most depth in this year’s draft: “There’s a ton of safeties, there’s a ton of tight ends, it’s the best running back class we’ve seen in a long time. There’s a lot to be excited about in this draft.”

1:09:22-1:15:22: Jeremiah validates my love of OSU’s Malik Hooker.

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