• Last year both the No. 1 and No. 2 picks changed hands in pre-draft deals. Can we expect more trades this year? Here's a look at how Round 1 would change if five different teams tried to move up.
By Chris Burke
March 22, 2017

On April 13 of last year, when it was obvious the Titans were trying to unload the No. 1 pick, our mock suggested this deal:

Rams get: No. 1, take Jared Goff

Titans get: Nos. 15, 43 and 45, plus a 2017 first and third, take Jack Conklin

One day later, the Rams and Titans completed a trade—the Rams sending picks 15, 43, 45 and 76, plus 2017 first- and third-rounders to Tennessee for 1, 113 and 177. Los Angeles took Goff; Tennessee took Conklin.

I make no promises that any of this year’s proposed mock trades will come to fruition, but … well, we had to try. There are five trades included in this mock (on top of the four involving first-round picks that already have gone down), and all five involve a team moving up to land a skill-position player.

The reason behind it: The way this draft class stands, it will be more logical to sit and wait on defenders than it is to hope the right quarterback, running back or wide receiver falls into your lap. There is depth at RB and WR, to be sure, but also undeniable Round 1 talents at those positions. If a GM glimpses the opportunity to pounce on one, he will.

All we can assume for now, though, is that there will be movement during the draft’s opening round on April 27. Will that movement include any of the trades offered up in this week’s mock?

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