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2017 NFL Mock Draft 9.0: The first three rounds should be dominated by defense

The distribution of compensatory picks is complete: The first two days of the draft will see 107 prospects come off the board. Here's our latest forecast of who will land where.

This is approximately our 107th mock of the draft season, so it's only appropriate that we swing back into the three-round format and cover picks 1 through 107. In the time since we last forecasted the first two days, the league handed out 32 compensatory picks, 11 of which were tacked onto the end of Round 3 (starting at pick No. 97) to push the mock into triple digits for the first time all year.

As was the case a couple weeks ago, we have no quarterbacks in the top 10 this time. It's still not too difficult to see two or three QBs wind up there, though.

Let's get into it.

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1. Myles Garrett


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2. Jamal Adams


This is where the real intrigue begins. It’s hard to entirely shake the feeling that new, offensive-minded coach Kyle Shanahan will want to hand-pick his potential franchise quarterback here. But the Brian Hoyer/Matt Barkley duo is at least serviceable, the No. 33 choice provides a window later on and the defensive options might be too numerous to ignore here. 

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3. Malik Hooker

RECORD: S, Ohio State

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4. Solomon Thomas

RECORD: DL, Stanford

Thomas may not get past San Francisco. But if he does, the odds are very much stacked against him then slipping beyond this spot. Thomas could learn the NFL game behind veteran Calais Campbell, with an eye on an eventual starring role. 

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5. Jonathan Allen

RECORD: DL, Alabama

(Pick via Rams) The Titans have to be loving where they are at, assuming Marcus Mariota heals on time from his late-season leg injury. Already a playoff contender, they have two top-18 picks and minimal glaring needs coming out of free agency. Hence the ability to nab Allen at No. 5, even if they have a steady D-line. Worries about his shoulders aside, Allen stands out as a potential perennial Pro Bowler. 

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6. Marshon Lattimore

RECORD: CB, Ohio State

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7. Corey Davis

RECORD: WR, Western Michigan

The Chargers’ offense was a top-10 scoring unit last season thanks to Philip Rivers and the unexpected emergence of a couple wide receivers. But wouldn’t it be fun to see what this group could do at full speed, with a powerhouse 1–2 punch like Davis and a (hopefully healthy) Keenan Allen? The Rivers era will end soon enough. May as well lean into it.

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8. O.J. Howard

RECORD: TE, Alabama

Speaking of leaning into a strength, few QBs in the league have the rapport with their tight ends that Cam Newton and Greg Olsen share. So, how about pairing Olsen with one of the draft’s most dynamic offensive threats?

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9. Leonard Fournette


Gio Bernard’s status for early 2017 is up in the air due to an ACL injury and Jeremy Hill, in the final year of his contract, has averaged 3.7 yards per carry the past two seasons. Fournette could give this offense a huge boost. ​

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10. Reuben Foster

RECORD: LB, Alabama

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11. Derek Barnett

RECORD: DE, Tennessee

Since they’re now armed with two first-round picks, the Saints remain a wild card to swoop in on a QB—Sean Payton put Patrick Mahomes through a private workout a few days ago. But the pressing needs are at defensive end and cornerback. In Barnett, they can land the piece they need opposite Cam Jordan. ​