Romo’s Hall of Fame Case, Finding a Current QB for Houston, and Future QBs in New Orleans and Arizona

Plus, the art of the developmental QB and a scorching hot take on this year’s darkhorse Super Bowl team
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As we move toward the draft at breakneck speed, we continue to size up a collection of NFL teams.

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This week’s show:

• Is Tony Romo a Hall of Famer? — 0:46

• What do the Texans do at quarterback now? — 6:54

• The future at quarterback in New Orleans — 10:44

• Can teams still develop quarterbacks from the bench? (And how bad is the 2017 QB draft class?) — 12:09

• The future at quarterback in Arizona — 20:42

• The Denver Broncos will not have Tony Romo, what will they have? — 23:08

• A look at the Eagles’ offensive line (Andy interrupts with a story about sweatpants) — 28:03

• Overhauling the Colts defense, and what they could be in 2017 — 36:05

• Figuring out Washington’s weird defense — 40:13

• The team that will definitely represent the NFC in Super Bowl LII — 42:12