The Draft Mailbag Show

Do the Cleveland Browns also need a running back? Should the Colts be looking to trade down? And would you rather take Dalvin Cook or Joe Mixon? All that and much more as we head toward the draft
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Great questions! O.K. answers! It’s all here.

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This week’s show:

• Is the Patriots’ approach unique, flipping picks for young veterans?

• Does Solomon Thomas fit with the 49ers? And do they need a pass-catching back for Kyle Shanahan?

• What’s the deal with all these O-line busts?

• Do the Browns need a running back, or can Isaiah Crowell carry the load?

• Is there any prospect the Colts would take at 15 rather than trading down and accumulating picks?

• Why aren’t coaches part of the salary cap?

• Would you rather have Dalvin Cook or Joe Mixon?

• What does it mean that the Jaguars are moving Paul Poszulusny to SAM and putting Myles Jack at middle linebacker?

• Do teams watch Gruden QB Camp? And do they learn anything from it?

• Some teams are named after cities while others are named after states or regions. What’s up with that?