Drew Pearson: Roger Goodell encouraged epic troll of Philly fans

By SI Wire
May 01, 2017

Perhaps the best moment of the NFL draft came when former Dallas Cowboys receiver Drew Pearson took the podium to announce the team's second-round pick.

Before Pearson could even open his mouth to speak, the Philadelphia crowd let him know exactly how they feel about him, especially since the Eagles and Cowboys are longtime NFC East rivals.

But Pearson said before he took the stage he asked NFL commissioner Roger Goodell about his idea of trolling the Eagles fans, and Goodell signed off on it.

“I’m thinking he might say, ‘Oh, no, don’t say anything like that, that might get them too fired up, might cause a riot out there in that crowd.’ But to my surprise, he encouraged me to say that and to get the crowd even more riled up,” Pearson said to Pro Football Talk.

Pearson also said that NFL security was close by just in case some fans decided to really act crazy.

Of course, Goodell was booed all weekend by the Philadelphia faithful, so he and Pearson are in that same company. 

- Scooby Axson

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