Jamie Schwaberow

How many games will the Denver Broncos win in 2017 NFL season?

May 09, 2017

Projected record: 11–5

If Trevor Siemian is their guy, the Broncos better hope he’s the first-half-of-2016 Siemian and not the one from the second half. To start the season last year, Siemian threw eight touchdowns and just three interceptions en route to a 5–1 record. But he skidded to the finish, throwing ten touchdowns and seven picks with a 3–5 record. The Broncos still have their defense, but 27th in total offensive yards will have them sitting at home in January again.

Pivotal game: Week 9 at Eagles. It drives me crazy when people misuse “trap game.” This is what a trap game truly is: when there are big games on either side of what appears to be a less-meaningful game, said game is trapped. The Broncos travel to Kansas City on Monday night in Week 8 and host New England on Sunday night in Week 10. In between is a trip to Philly. Don’t get trapped. 

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