Tom Brady introduces himself to the world in a 1994 TV interview.

By Chris Chavez
July 15, 2017

On Saturday afternoon, Serra High School tweeted video interview of what they believe could be the "first ever media interview in the summer of 1994" of New England Patriots star Tom Brady.

In the video, Brady is about 17 or 18 years old and discusses what the world should know about him as a budding star.

Interviewer: OK, I'm a college coach. I haven't seen any tape of you. I don't know anything about you. Tell me about Tom Brady the quarterback. What are your strengths?

Brady: My strengths...Well everyone tells me I have a pretty strong arm, which is good. I'm pretty accurate with it and I think I need to work on my speed a little bit but hopefully that will come with time. Pretty good work ethic so I think I get the job done.

Watch the video below:

His coach added that the athlete who can make it as a world-class star is the one who is "willing to make the commitment to be able to go that extra mile." Five Super Bowl rings later, that's Brady.

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