NFL Accuses NFLPA of ‘Discrediting’ Ezekiel Elliott Accuser, Union Says League ‘Should Be Ashamed’

Things are getting messy between the NFL and NFLPA.
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The NFL on Wednesday accused the NFLPA of “spreading derogatory information to the media” about the woman who accused Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott of domestic violence. 

Elliott is currently preparing to appeal his six-game suspension and details of his defense strategy have begun to leak out this week. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported Monday morning that Elliott’s team would highlight threats made by the accuser, Tiffany Thompson, and reported later Monday that Elliott will claim he was harassed by Thompson. Yahoo Sports reported Wednesday that Thompson had considered attempting to blackmail Elliott with sex videos

In a statement issued Wednesday, the NFL accused to union of spreading the stories and the NFLPA fired back with a response saying the league “should be ashamed.” 

Elliott was never charged with a crime related to allegations made by Thompson in July 2016. The Columbus City Attorney’s Office cited “conflicting and inconsistent information across all incidents” in explaining why Elliott would not be charged.