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  • The third part in our epic series, featuring listener questions from around the world
By Gary Gramling
August 17, 2017

From the makers of Mailbag Pool Party and Mailbag II: Son of Mailbag, we bring you Mailbag III: Return of Mailbag.

This one was especially wacky. Cage matches? Rating uniforms? Journalistic integrity? Whaaaaaa?

Of course, we guaranteed (and continue to guarantee) that we will answer your question if it is submitted along with an iTunes review. We have a deadline now though! Friday August 18. We won’t take guaranteed preseason mailbag questions after that.

Andy and I also continue to inconvenience listeners from around the world. Sorry, if you’re not in the U.S. (and therefore listening on the U.S. version of iTunes, which is what we have), you need to screengrab your review and email it to talkback@themmqb.com. We beg your forgiveness and thank you for your patience.

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This week’s show:

How does the Raiders’ Marshawn-led backfield play out this year?—2:43

Should Mike McCarthy keep his job? And, if so, does he have to do something different with this offense?—6:20

Is it possible to just build around an affordable QB and spend all your money elsewhere?—11:32

If every player in the NFL got in a no holds barred fight to the death, who would be the last three standing?—18:23

How come guys are always fair-catching inside the 10-yard line?—24:01

What’s up with the Packers receivers? Outside of Jordy Nelson they don’t seem to be very good . . . —26:41

What do the Niners have to do for 2017 to be a success?—29:26

Besides Tom Brady, which current players have a chance to go down as the best of all time at their position?—35:19

What recommendations do you have for an aspiring journalist in high school?—39:20

Russell Okung negotiated his own contract a couple years ago. Will other players do the same?—45:04

Name a player you mentally wrote off who switched to a different coaching staff and thrived . . . —52:44

What are the best things to focus on when watching the live broadcast of a game rather than the All-22?—55:26

Who’s L.A.’s best running back over the next five years: Todd Gurley or Melvin Gordon?—57:16

Will Brandin Cooks or Julian Edelman be New England’s No. 1 wide receiver in 2017?—58:05

Who has the best uniform colors?—1:02:06

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