• Last week, Alex Smith was the top-scoring fantasy quarterback, Kareem Hunt the top-scoring running back and Stefan Diggs the top-scoring wide receiver... will things return (closer) to normal this week?
By Michael Beller
September 13, 2017

The top-five quarterbacks in Week 1? Alex Smith, Matthew Stafford, Sam Bradford, Trevor Siemian and Carson Wentz. The top-five running backs? Kareem Hunt, Mike Gillislee, Tarik Cohen, Leonard Fournette and LeSean McCoy. How about the wide receivers? Those were Stefon Diggs, Tyreek Hill, Antonio Brown (how does he always deliver?), Kenny Golladay and Adam Thielen. And finally, the absurdity reached its peak at tight end, where the top five were Austin Hooper, Jesse James, Jason Witten, Coby Fleener and Charles Clay.

Just like we drew it up, right?

The bet here is that things are a bit more predictable this week. Here are Michael Beller's Week 2 rankings.

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