A behind-the-scenes scoop at Erin Andrews' fashion trends.

September 20, 2017

This story first appeared on People Style by Kaitlyn Frey.

This fall, star sports reporter Erin Andrews is on the road each Sunday covering the biggest NFL games of the season, and she’s giving us all the behind-the-scenes scoop about her always on-trend weekly looks.

Sunday afternoon, Andrews headed to Denver for a “huge game” between the Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos. “The weather called for warm temps, so I was pumped I could pull out this Marissa Webb outfit,” the star said about the ruffled white top and high-waisted olive trousers her stylist Anita Patrickson helped her choose for the game.

“Erin loves the idea of being able to wear something a little more girly and feminine on the sidelines whenever she can,” Patrickson told PeopleStyle. “The problem though was that [the Marissa Webb shirt] was actually a crop top, which she obviously couldn’t wear on TV covering a game.”

Patrickson solved the problem by creating a makeshift bodysuit out of the top by sewing in a front and back panel for more coverage. “Of course, I had the concern of having the ‘ole bodysuit wedgie’ as I walked around the field,” Andrews told us.

Andrews didn’t worry about the uncomfortable outfit for too long though, because thanks to a rain delay, the star ended up changing her outfit not one, but two more times before the Broncos walked away with the win at the end of the day. “My next problem….what should I wear under my rain suit??” the reporter said.

With the rain holding up the game for an hour, Andrews had ample time to find a solution. She dug around her suitcase until she discovered a white pajama top she slept in the night before that seemed to work as a blouse too. “I didn’t spill any syrup on it from my breakfast, so no one could tell I slept in it the night before!” Andrews said.

Once the rain stopped and the game started up again, the star ditched her rain suit, but faced another dilemma: “It was chilly and couldn’t wear my [Marissa Webb] tank top anymore!” Since the pajama top worked, Andrews kept it on and threw a leather coat on top to complete the look.

“Three wardrobe changes in one NFL game, when it was only supposed to be one fabulous Marissa Webb outfit…thank god my PJ top was CLEAN!!!” Andrews said.

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