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Tennessee Congressman Sees Peyton Manning as Potential Future Senate Candidate

Peyton Manning might have a future in politics. 

One Tennessee politician believes Peyton Manning could soon run to represent that state in the U.S. Senate. 

Congressman Scott DesJarlais told Business Insider’s Joe Perticone that he believes Manning has his sights set on politics, if not in the 2018 race for the Senate seat to be vacated by the retiring Bob Corker then perhaps in 2020 if Lamar Alexander retires.

Shortly after Corker's announcement, Republican Rep. Scott DesJarlais said he did not think Manning would run for Corker's seat, but instead could be eyeing Sen. Lamar Alexander's seat in 2020 if he chooses to retire as well.

"[Peyton Manning] is a great guy and a popular guy," DesJarlais said, adding that Manning "may be looking more at" running if Alexander decides not to run again.

Manning became the subject of Senate speculation in March, thanks to a report from Politico, but he shot down the talk days later saying, “I have no interest in the political world, but would like to continue serving communities.” The rumors were reignited in June, though, when Manning played golf with Corker and President Donald Trump at Trump’s course in Virginia.

Manning is well-liked in Tennessee after playing four years of college ball for the Volunteers. He was inducted into the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame in 2016.

Several NFL players, inlcuding Jon Runyan, Heath Shuler and Steve Largent have served in the House of Representatives. Only two athletes from major pro sports have been U.S. Senators—ex-NBA player Bill Bradley and former MLB pitcher Jim Bunning.