Add "RedDog" to the list of fictional entities created by Bill Belichick. 

By Daniel Rapaport
November 08, 2017

Bill Belichick loves playing the out-of-touch dad role. His go-to method of portraying himself as such has been to (purposefully) screw up the name of ubiquitous social media platforms. 

In 2011, he said he doesn't "MyFace" or "YearBook." Three years later, Belichick was asked about a Johnny Manziel scouting report that was leaked online, to which he responded: "What's online, you should go talk to the geniuses that are online. I don't know. MyFace, YourFace, InstantFace." He then referred to Snapchat in 2015 as "SnapFace." 

Extra Mustard
InstantChat is Bill Belichick's latest fictional social media network

Now Belichick is widening his targets to include television channels, apparently. The Patriots coach appeared on WEEI's Dale Holley and Keefe radio show on Monday and was asked whether he spent his Sunday watching NFL RedZone, like a great number of American males do. 

"Yeah, I don't have RedDog," he said

This might be his best ever proprietary misnomer. The social media ones were just mismatching buzzwords like "face" and "insta," but this one shows a new level of creativity. Where did dog even come from? Plus, the radio hosts literally said RedZone seconds before—this is just first-class deadpan humor.