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By Standing For Anthem, Seahawks Michael Bennett Aims to Clarify Message

Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett stood for the national anthem Thursday in an effort to eliminate the notion that his push for criminal and social justice is anti-military

Whether out of confusion, ignorance or political opportunism, some have viewed NFL players kneeling or raising a fist during the national anthem as a form of disrespect toward the military. Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett, who stated his intention to sit for the anthem all season back in August, aimed to put that notion to rest on Thursday prior to Seattle’s prime-time matchup with the Arizona Cardinals.

Bennett stood and locked arms with his teammates. He also informed NBC’s broadcast unit of his intent to do so on Wednesday night with Veteran’s Day on Saturday. Bennett’s father is a U.S. Navy veteran, but has supported his son’s push for social equality and criminal justice reform.

“I joined the military so people like Michael and Martellus and whoever else out there can take a knee or make a stand, peacefully, and get their point across and not be ridiculed,” Bennett Sr. told Sports Illustrated back in September. “I lose all respect for people if you really can’t see what’s going on in your own country that you live in everyday.  People don’t care about people. They care about animals and they care about people that look like they look.”

For more on why Michael Bennett opted to sit during the anthem, here’s an interview he gave before the season.

Seeing all the players standing had to provide the NFL with a moment of respite, especially in the middle of its Salute to Service month. It also sets the stage for what will undoubtedly be a closely watched pre-game slate this Sunday. As the Associated Press reported earlier this week, there will be a two-minute “moment of silence” before all games to honor U.S. military veterans.

These are divided times. A wide assortment of media affords people the opportunity to continue hearing exactly what they’d like to hear. Beliefs can be affirmed in a heartbeat online, just as contrary thoughts can be stiff-armed with one swipe of your cellphone. But Bennett did his best to provide clarity in a singular moment in prime-time. There were no other games on Thursday night. There was no bigger stage for the sport at the time. Will people listen?  

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