Chuck Pagano had a rant for the ages on Monday. 

By Dan Gartland
November 27, 2017

Just as many Colts games have this season, Chuck Pagano’s press conference Monday took a bizarre and unexpected turn. 

When a reporter likened Indianapolis’s repeated second-half collapses to the Bill Murray film Groundhog Day, Pagano found the analogy apt. Not only that, he proceeded to summarize the plot of the film. Things really got crazy, though, when Pagano somehow pivoted from from his movie review into an extended metaphor about hurricanes.

But those are just the broadest of strokes. It was really a sight to behold. 

(A slightly longer version of Pagano’s stream of consciousness starts at the 11:50 mark here.)

The hurricane thing is a bit convoluted, but I have no doubt Pagano wakes up every morning hoping Andrew Luck will his quarterback only to be cruelly reminded he’s still stuck with Jacoby Brissett. 

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